Shiplake Mem Hall

We are grateful to Henley Library and Shiplake Parish Church for some of the historic material included in the brief summary below of the history of our Hall. Source material is shown in blue. Click on the links to open the material in a new window. (Note that some of the items are quite large and will take some time to appear.)


11924 A Proposal To Build A Hall

The Mardon family offer to provide land and finance the construction of a village hall at a cost of £3500. The offer is accepted and a Committee set up.

21925 Institute added. Construction starts.

The Committee proposes the addition of an Institute to the Hall. The Mardons agree and offer further funding. Plans are drawn up and construction starts.

Shiplake Parish Magazine article:original (>1 MByte)transcript

At a formal ceremony the foundation stone is laid and a memorial tablet unveiled. Sir Frederick Eley offers to buy five acres of adjacent land from the Mardons and gift it to the village.

Henley & South Oxfordshire Standard report:originaltranscript
Order of Masonic Ceremony:original

31927 Hall & Institute are opened

The Hall is formally opened and handed over to Trustees on 23rd April 1927.

Order of Opening & Ceremony - original

Public meetings are held to set up management committees and decide how the Hall and Institute should be best used.

Henley & South Oxfordshire Standard report:originaltranscript

The Institute is formally opened on 28th September 1927

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Shiplake Parish Magazine article:original

41928 First AGM

The AGM for the first full year of operation is held on St George's Day 1928.

Henley & South Oxfordshire Standard report:transcript

51929 Playing Fields Inaugurated

The playing fields and recreation area are opened on 15th June 1929

Shiplake Parish Magazine article:transcript
Henley & South Oxfordshire Standard report:transcript

61966 Two new Plaques unveiled

A new roll of honour and the Mardon Coat of Arms are unveiled.

Henley Standard report:original

71983 Help needed!

Many rooms are in disrepair and the Committee launches an appeal for funds in December 1983.

Henley Standard report:original

81989 Hall Renovation

A celebration dinner is held to mark the completion of a 2-year renovation programme.

Henley Standard report:original

91998 Hall Facelift

Memorial Hall has a £27,500 facelift, consisting of upgrades to the main hall, the toilets and the kitchen.

Henley Standard report:original

102013 Modernisation Project

A major rebuild of the toilet block with the addition of a new kitchen.

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